Elect Randall Olsen to represent the 16th Congressional District of Illinois.


I support:

Providing support and care to our veterans

As a 20 year veteran of the US military, I am very upset at delays being experienced by veterans who are trying to use the VA medical system.Waiting months and even years for basic mental health and medical services is absolutely unforgivable, and needs to be changed immediately.

Ensuring the right of all citizens to vote

I am appalled at the turn of voting rights in the United States. If the Voting Rights Act is not fixed or replaced before I have the chance to join the House of Representatives, I hope to be a part of the remedy. I believe that all American citizens, whether by birth or naturalization, have the right to vote.

Reforming our election system

I do believe election reform is necessary and will happen in the future. I believe it will be difficult to accomplish and may only succeed when the populace across the country stands up and yells loud and clear. Congress, even the obstructionist Congress we now have, can move and move quickly.

Cap and Trade, for a cleaner environment

“Cap and Trade” is a program that keeps large corporations from dumping an unlimited amount of pollution in the air we all, and the generations coming after us, breathe. The limited amount they can put into the environment is “capped” with a permit.

Immigration reform

“Our immigration system is broken!” I keep hearing this from pundits and people alike. The system we have now seems intent on keeping people separate rather than uniting us as a people. We should feel welcome and provide everyone here with the same opportunities. If someone comes here here without the proper documentation there should be some means or path towards proper citizenship with all its rights and benefits. Many people are here undocumented. The Republican party is intent on leaving them excluded. I disagree, and believe need to bring the undocumented into the system and provide them with a path to become US citizens.

Protecting our privacy

Great concern has been raised about recent revelations about NSA collection of cell phone data of Americans as well as foreigners. No names or addresses have been collected, but those of us who are old enough to remember equate this with the spying of citizens during the Nixon era. I support the NSA investigation along with the bipartisan majority of the House.

Women’s rights

I am surprised and a little shamed that women’s rights is an issue in the 2014 election. Congress has gone to great lengths to defund Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood clinics provide cancer screening pap smears, mammograms and other gynecological diagnosis procedures and treatments. I, personally, do not approve of abortion; however, I do not feel I have the right to disapprove of abortion when a woman has decided it is the right step in her life. I believe the decision for a woman’s healthcare, whatever the procedure, belongs to her and her physician. Because of my faith as a Christian, I also believe that the only entities capable of creation is my God and women. It would be my belief that God should be a part of the decision process.

Job creation, and economic opportunity for all

Without question, job creation and unemployment is a major concern for a majority of people. There is a jobs bill in Congress that the Republican majority will not let come to a vote. The jobs bill will help all Americans and the economy as well. We need to bring outsourced jobs back to American soil. Do we provide incentives to bring them back? We certainly should end all incentives to move jobs from American soil, and, possibly, tariffs on products that moved from American soil and now depend on American buyers for their product. The economy was in freefall when President Obama took office in 2008. and the worst recession since the Great Depression. With steps taken by the Democratic administration, we have experienced 40 consecutive months of job growth. 4.2 million jobs have been created.

The Democrats are experienced with deficit reduction. The budget was last balanced by President Clinton. President George W. Bush assumed office with a surplus in the budget and turned it into the worst recession and debt since the Great Depression. The economy is a work in progress, and progressing in the correct direction. We need to not change directions.

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